Meet Christie

What do you get when you take a majorly Type A journalist and throw in a crazy fertility journey, four boys including a set of triplets, moves around the country and loads of laughter and wine? That would be Christie Cuthbert, in a nutshell. 

From a very early age, Christie had gumption, moxie and the drive to make the world her own. By 24 she had a life script, which drew out when she'd get married, have kids, achieve career success and move into her dream home. Life was going according to plan, or so she thought. A long fought battle with infertility, that had the ultimate blessing of an ending, has forged a new journey of learning to laugh and let go. An award winning journalist, Christie just published her first book, "Mom! I Farted in Church" One Type A Mama's Journey Learning to Laugh and Let Go." She also writes for  Today Parents, Scary Mommy, Alamo City Moms Blog and San Antonio Woman's Magazine.

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Contact Me:

facebook: @momifartedinchurch

Instagram: @christiecuthbert