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Meet Christie

What do you get when you take a majorly Type A journalist, throw in four boys including a set of triplets, moves around the country and loads of laughter and chaos? That would be Christie Cuthbert, in a nutshell. 

After 17 years as an award-winning journalist, Christie decided to take her years of laugh-out-loud columns about motherhood and turn them into a comedic memoir titled, "Mom! I Farted in Church: One Type A Mama's Journey Learning to Laugh and Let Go." The title of the book, while eye catching and humorous, represents a time in her life when one of her young sons announced loudly in church that he farted and did she think God heard it. It was a turning point in her motherhood journey, because while she would normally turn a new shade of red and crumble from embarrassment, she realized God was laughing and wanted her to enjoy the moment of sweetness versus care about the judgement of others.  

Her message of authenticity in the book launched a national speaking tour where she met with thousands of women discussing the need to let the little things go and enjoy the rollercoaster of motherhood. 

Her second book, "The Mischief Makers" was released in 2021 and turned into a children's series including three other works. 

When she's not busy writing, she can be found doing guest segments on KSAT SA Live or speaking with students during author visits. 

Click here to purchase Mom! I Farted in Church.

Click here to purchase The Mischief Makers


Instagram: @christiecuthbert

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